Pros and Cons of Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming vans are a growing business due to the convenience and, currently, also COVID-19 restrictions.

I will review the pros and cons according to Angie’s List below.


-Convenience is the biggest advantage of mobile grooming. First, there’s the groomer’s ability to drive to your home. They can also fill in for appointment gaps that traditional groomers have. Your local groomers are probably open only on certain days and hours. Whereas, there is always at least one mobile groomer available 24/7.

-It’s less stress on your pet because some animals get carsick and/or have separation anxiety when they’re left with the groomer.

-Some pets-particularly some only pets-tend to get very anxious when they’re in close quarters with other pets.


-Most people say that cost is the biggest con of using a mobile grooming service. They slap on additional convenience fees. So it would be best if you shop around for the best one for you and your pet. If possible, get to know the groomer ahead of time.

-In some cases, the grooming vehicles are enclosed. As a result, most don’t have as much viewing space and some pet owners find that bothersome. However, some groomers offer to do the work in your home. Many have started to install several viewing windows.

-Space and restrictions can be an issue as well. If you live on a busy street with minimal to no shoulder space and don’t have a driveway, it could prevent mobile groomers from being able to give their services to you. Especially if you live in a duplex, condominium or a gated community, there may be some restrictions that prevent service vehicles from being able to park outside of your home.

Some Other Questions to Ask

-How much grooming experience do you have?

-Do you have any specializations?

-How often is your vehicle inspected?

-How long do you hold pets for grooming? Are they always in someone’s view?

Note: If they’re reluctant or resistant to answering your questions, that’s a major red flag. They’re probably edgy in some way, in it just for the profits and/or not even a genuine pet grooming service.


Always look for a certification or a certified membership with the National Dog Groomers Association of America, International Society of Canine Cosmotologists and/or the International Professional Groomers Inc. The Master Groomer certification is the highest level. It means that they’ve passed the rigorous written and practical training. They have also been given a strict code of ethics in which they promise to treat all of their clients with the utmost care.

If you do have serious concerns about your groomer, you’re more than welcome to contact one of the above organizations.

Note: They don’t have to have a membership to be a good groomer but a membership means that they’re keeping in touch with the latest in the field. It also means that they’re open to attending workshops and specialty certification opportunities.


To start with, grooming costs typically depend on your pet’s size, fur coat thickness and combination of the treatment. A standard grooming is typically between $30 and $90. Spa packages typically start at $65. The mobile convenience fees are piled onto that.

Why Use a Grooming Service At All?

Grooming your pet, like grooming yourself, prevents infections and diseases. If it’s to a point at which your pet’s fur is very matted, fleas are out of control or the nails are too long, etc., hiring a grooming service can save you an even more expensive trip to the veterinarian.